Andrus Family Boxers

Meet Mom


She was welcome into our home in 2019, after her mother had passed away. Uma is a gorgeous brindle boxer with good pedigree originating from Minnesota and excellent temperament.

She is so dark that you need bright light, sunlight to see the brown underneath.

Her mother was the breeder we got Chance from, so this was an amazing series of coincidences. We felt the need to carry on with breeding as Lori did. We hope she’s looking down from heaven happily approving.

Before we began breeding Uma, we wanted to take the time to ensure her puppies are health. We reached out to several companies to help us test Uma.

In October 2020, Uma’s canine genetic testing report was completed by Animal Genetics. It indicates that Uma is clear and negative for the know ARVC mutation and that gives her a decreased risk for developing ARVC. She is also clear and negative for the degenerative myelopathy mutation.

May 2021, we worked with the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital to complete a Holter recording. The conclusions returned “Normal, with no cardiac recommendations.”

Uma’s Distraction Index was tested by AIS PennHIP with a DI of 0.35, placing her in the “Mild Risk” category.  Their interpretation advises that the average DI for the boxer breed is 0.47, and Uma has no radiographic evidence of OA for either hip.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals has determined based upon a radiograph submitted that there is no evidence of hip dysplasia and the hip joint conformation was evaluated as “FAIR”.